Below is the list of bonuses you get for giving! Thanks again!

Free Month of Untamed Success Coaching – Total Value: $97!

UNTAMED SUCCESS Coaching by Performance coach Lee Milteer will supply you with the Clarity to achieve your Maximum Potential and turn you into a peak performer to manifest a life of success and prosperity. This monthly coaching program will assist you to reinforce your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The bottom line is that Untamed Success coaching will bring to you all the tools, strategies, and resources to realize the success you deeply desire.

Here’s what your free month of coaching will include:

  • Downloadable MP3 of this month’s Seminar
  • Four Supplementary Reports
  • Transcript of the Seminar
  • Bonus Reports from Guest Faculty
  • FREE BONUS GIFT (Additional $30 Value)

Ari Galper – 7 Secrets Even The Sales Guru’s Don’t Know

Get FREE Access to The Teleseminar That Put the Old ‘Sales Gurus’ Back Into Sales Pre-School!

  • Make less calls – and get better results
  • Rip up your sales script and easily get your message across
  • Change from the “Dreaded Salesperson” to a trusted advisor in a matter of minutes
  • Get rid of your “Fear of Phone” once and for all
  • Stop chasing prospects and gain the respect you deserve

Get this incredible, never before seen footage of Brian Tracy speaking at James Malinchak’s
Speaking Bootcamp in May 2010! – Total Value: $997!

In this 1 hour 15 minutes presentation, on Making Your First Million, you will learn the 10 areas of business you need to master in order to make your business successful.

Crack The Celebrity Code – Total Value: $197!

Access to Nick Nanton’s famous Cracking the Celebrity Code presentation, complete with audio and transcripts

Jayson Hunter – Five Week Fat Loss – Total Value: $600
Do you ever wonder what you are going to eat for your next meal? Do you ever get to that meal knowing that you are supposed to be eating healthy and realize that there is nothing in your cabinets to keep you on that eating healthy path? This is one of the most common reasons why people fail to lose weight or live a healthier life. Planning does need to take place and this is where many people possibly including you struggle.

So I have removed one of the most common obstacles for you and designed 90 days (3 months) worth of simple to make meal plans for you. These meal plans list out what and how much you are to eat for every meal every day for the entire 90 days. It even includes grocery shopping lists for each week including recipes. Don’t worry there are no crazy elaborate foods or meals in here. You won’t be traveling to 5 stores looking for an ingredient.

Your biggest obstacle is now gone so that you can lose weight and fit into the jeans and clothes you have always wanted to fit into.

Lindsay Dicks – Get Started In Social Media – total Value: Over $3775!

Are you missing out on the Social Media Revolution that’s taken marketing by storm? Social Media is how you get the attention of people who don’t know you, and take advantage of the most successful form of advertising: Word of Mouth.

The keyboard is mightier than the sword in today’s world, and you’re missing out on BIG Profits if you don’t take advantage of it.

Get access to Lindsay’s Social Media Quick start with a value of over $3775 in product and bonuses!

Best-selling Social Media author, Speaker and Online Consultant, Lindsay Dicks has shared the stage with the greatest legends in social media. She now reveals her in-depth Social Media secrets to guarantee YOU Social Media success.

Receive TWO Business and Life Building gifts – Total Value: $1000
It’s been called The HOTTEST Trend in Business by Thomson Financial raved about by Forbes Magazine! Joint Venture Marketing allows entrepreneurs to Quickly Generate Leads, Increase Sales and Break into New Markets, even with No Customer List, No Money and No Risk! It’s a small world on the internet. Gain access to patent-pending match making technology that will match you up with companies that are waiting to promote YOU! Big corporations have been doing this for years – so we put a club together for the regular guy didn’t have access to that kind of powerful network, so you can have that power behind you as well!

  1. Free Online Training & Coaching on how to use Joint Venture Marketing for your unique business!
  2. Complimentary 6 months in the PrivateJV Club. You will get FULL access to the club, you can make all the contacts you want, do deals, brainstorm, and take FULL advantage of the club benefits for 6 months! Joint Venture Marketing allows you to Quickly Generate Leads, Increase Sales and Break into New Markets, even with No Customer List, No Money and No Risk!

Larry Benet – 3 FREE Connection Cheat Sheets & Connection Strategy Videos
What do Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson all have in Common? They are know how to leverage their strategic connections to keep them one step ahead of their competition. Larry Benet-The Connector provides you 3 tools to help you build strategic connections to help you drive more revenue in less time.

Cheat Sheet 1: Questions That Build Long Lasting Mutually Beneficial Relationships

  • Learn the one question that’s guaranteed to stop major players in their tracks, look you eyeball to eyeball and want to engage in a conversation with you!
  • Exact questions that “The Connector” uses every day to connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Cheat Sheet 2: 20 Great Conversation Starters

  • Never again worry about not knowing how to start a conversation with the influencers in your industry!
  • Be empowered with exactly what to say when attending any function or event!

Cheat Sheet 3: The Connector’s 5 Key Strategies For Building Relationships

  • Learn the exact formula that “The Connector” used to connect with Larry King, Richard Branson & many other influencial people.
  • Discover the hidden power for building the right kind of relationships that will be mutually profitable.

FREE Ebook: Instant Probate Profits – Total Value: $29!

How To Make $21,000 In The Next 21 Days In The EASIEST Way Possible! Guaranteed!

  • Why Probate Investing is The “Smart Man’s” Choice to Real Estate Riches!
  • Learn The Process From Start To Finish!
  • Which Probate Files NOT To Mess With!
  • Other Secret Ways To Prospect Probates That I Guaranty You No One Else Is Doing!
  • How To Create A Constant Flow Of Leads Coming In Like a Tidal Wave On a Recurring Basis Without You Doing Anything To Make It Happen!
  • How To Get Lists Of Probate Leads Without Wasting Your Valuable Time Going Down To The Courthouse!
  • How To Easily Shoot Down The Most Common Seller Objection In Probate Deals!

Trevor Crook – Copywriting Blueprint Formula – Total Value: $197!

With this bonus you will receive 10 hours of audio mp3’s and a genuine bonus.

Brian Horn’s Be On Page 1 of Google – Total Value: $597!

Get 30 Days Free Unlimited Access to “Be On Page 1 of Google” – THE most comprehensive and complete Step-By-Step System for getting to (and staying on) Page ONE of Google that has EVER been created. You get unlimited access to over 60 video and audio lessons, 30 premium WordPress Themes, and the best online resources available anywhere.

Be On Page 1 of Google finally allows average, hard-working small business entrepreneurs, like you, get your website on Page 1 of Google alongside the TOP sites in the world.

In just 30 days you can learn how to finally SMASH the stronghold the BIG players currently have on Page and join this exclusive 1% CLUB of business owners on Page 1 of Google.

No credit card needed…its totally free. No strings.

THE MYTH OF MULTITASKING: How to Get More Done and Increase Your Value per Hour – Total Value: $59!

For the first time ever, get Dave’s famous Myth of Multitasking speech on downloadable MP3! Do you wish you just “had more time?” Imagine what you could get done if you had an extra day every week! That’s what this session will show you to do – how to find that hidden time, using these practical and effective strategies you can put to work immediately. You’ll learn how to become at least 20% more productive, allowing you to get more done and have greater flexibility in your day.

Nick Garcia – The New Sales Expert Bonus – Total Value: $29
Sales coach and business growth expert Nick Garcia has penned The New Sales Expert for every salesperson that is stuggling today. Nick’s ideas are unique, easy to implement, and most importantly, they get REAL results. If you’re a sales manager that needs a guide for your new and veteran sales staff, or if you’ve a sales person (or thinking of getting into sales), this executive brief will skyrocket your learning curve and send you on your way! For more information on the author, check out

Jim Palmer – The Newsletter Guru’s Bonus – Total Value: $240
Supporters of Jacob’s Turn will instantly receive a free copy of Jim’s two wildly popular books, Stick Like Glue – How to Create an Everlasting Bond With Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More and also The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life! You’ll also get two of Jim’s most popular ‘money-making’ videos, The Power of Zero and Massive Action and six surprise bonus special reports!

Paul Hoffman – The World Is Calling
Imagine what it would be like if you brought your unique gift and talent forward in the most powerful way so that we created a world that worked for all and in so doing YOU would recognize the power of what you have to contribute to the world and see that there is a higher purpose in your life. Would that be something that would inspire you to do whatever it took to achieve the vision you hold for a world that you want to participate in. A world that would ignite your passion to do well by doing good.No matter who you are it’s your time to make a difference. Be the change you want to see and answer your call. Download this song and live your life with compassion for all and with a purpose to leave your legacy.

Special Report: The 7 Insider Secrets To Cleaning Riches! – Total Value: $95

You don’t want to wait 20 yrs…to learn these secrets:

  • Try the practical tip you’ll hear about in Secret #1 to explode your sales in less time than you ever imagined possible!
  • Use the easy technique described in Secret #3 to keep you on-track to reach your goals …even when you don’t feel like it!
  • Follow the simple advice in Secret # 4 to instantly take control of your business and stop having to work night and day!
  • Learn the powerful strategy explained in Secret #5 to bond your customers to you like glue. You’ll “slap your forehead” wondering why you never thought of it before!

That’s right! And that’s only 4 of the 7 Insider Secrets To Cleaning Riches!

Put just one of these insider strategies into action and instantly jump-start your sales. Start using all seven, and change your cleaning business forever!

LIFT Get In the Know – Total Value: $497!

The LIFT Get In the Know program is like no other business system or program you have used in the past because it’s not just about marketing your business or making more sales, it’s about building your business on the right business model, one with the right Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax foundations in place. Why? Because your LIFT foundation is what separates a real business from a pretend business. If you want a real business, one that is solid and sustainable, one that truly supports you to go BIG and live a life of purpose and abundance, then LIFT Get In the Know is exactly what you have been missing!

Get A Bikini Ready Body in 21 Days! – Total Value: $29.99!

America’s #1 Mom’s Fitness Expert Holly Rigsby is giving away a 34 page PDF report showing you exactly what you need to know to lose your belly fat and get your bikini body in just 21 short days.

FREE Mini Trading and Investing Course – Total Value: $397!

  • How to average 5.7% per month with low risk strategies.
  • How to be “active” trading only 10 minutes per night in the evening.
  • Free money management software.
  • How to fire your financial advisor and retire on time.

5 Steps to Success of Buying and Selling Houses with No Money or Credit – Total Value: $245

Ron has recorded 5 conference calls outlining the steps to get a big check in real estate within 30 days. This training costs hundreds of dollars in an event, but you pay nothing because of your gracious donation to Jacob’s Turn. Each call is only an hour plus Q&A and comes with an outline and Ron’s appropriate forms.

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