Jacob’s Turn Donations

All the money donated is held by Marketers for Good, Inc. a Not for Profit Corporation.

As we collect donations, the money gets distributed as follows:

The first $100,000 will be put in a trust account for Jacob’s family to draw off of for his treatments, therapies and education. We felt this was the best way to thank Jacob’s mom, Patricia, for sharing her story with all of us, and for letting Jacob share his story with us too!

After the first $100,000 is raised, next the cost of producing the film will get paid back, so we can go produce more films to bring awareness to causes that need it. Lots of time was donated on the film, so a $100,000+ production ended up with outstanding bills of just under $15,000.00. We don’t allow any waste with the dollars we are raising for this cause!

Any funds raised beyond that will go to families that apply or are directed to us who have a special needs child in need of funding for treatment, therapy or education.

Overhead: The only things charged to overhead are direct costs of filing for non-profit status, production of the film, credit card fees from collecting the donations and fees for tax preparation. If the organization gets big enough to need an administrator, we’ll add that in the future, but none of us know where this will lead, we just thought it would be a fun way to give back. This project was developed solely to help kids with special needs, so we’re going to stick to that.

Any questions? Please feel free to Contact Us!

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