Thank You

THANKS SO MUCH! We’re so glad you’re willing to help.

Here’s what’s important RIGHT NOW:

  1. Make sure you send us a 3-5 second video in this format

    Hi I’m _______, From (Biz Name Here)
    I Support Jacob’s Turn and You Should Too!

    Need these by Sept 15 at the latest! Email to [email protected]

  2. Send us a GOOD Bonus.

    No Crappy stuff, just stuff with REAL value!

    Also send this to [email protected]

  3. We’ll be sending you the links and the emails soon, make sure to push them
    so we can CHANGE LIVES, and so you can be the one who gets to go
    to THE GRAMMYs!
  4. We just sent you an email, check it out now!

Thanks again for your help, let’s change some lives!

Nick, Mike & Big Jason

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